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Babies and Children

A mum of 3 herself, Jess loves working with babies and children. Health Kinesiology can be really effective despite being such a  gentle therapy. Jess works regular Saturday mornings at The Tree of Life Centre in Hove.


If you would like to find out more about how your baby or child could benefit from Health Kinesiology please call Jess on 01273 220159.


Special Offers

Jess runs regular special offers to new clients. Follow the link to her FaceBook page below and 'like' the page to make sure you receive future offers!



Jess is working from the Tree of Life Centre in West Hove.


An integrated health centre, it has lovely facilities and a friendly, warm and caring team of practitioners. Jess has really enjoyed the last 2 years  there and looks forward to many more!


Apppointment Availability 

Jess has appointments available at The Tree of Life Centre on Mondays, Tuesdays Thursdays, Fridays and some Saturdays.

Please call 01273 220159 to arrange an appointment.  



Client Feedback

Do check out my Facebook page via the link below for regular client feedback, interesting info and updates.



Take a moment to watch this short video that explains Health Kinesiology and it's potential benefits.

Jess Haslett is a Health Kinesiology Practitioner in Brighton & Hove and works from the Tree of Life Integrated Health Centre in Hove.


Health Kinesiology is a gentle but powerful holistic therapy. Drawing on the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, in combination with western techniques, Jess provides a unique and individual treatment for each client. 


Read on through these pages, or contact Jess to find out how Health Kinesiology can help you.





Jess has completed an Introductory course in Brain Gym - the foundation movement programme of the Educational Kinesiology system. Many of the exercises and activities recall the movements naturally done in the first year of life when babies learn to coordinate the eyes, ears, hands and their whole body. Jess is very excited about the potential for these movements in encouraging integrated and coordinated movement, bringing real improvement in learning and potential for children and adults in their daily life and with specific challenges they may be experiencing.  


Jess needs to complete a number of recorded case studies before progressing onto the next level of Brain Gym training. If you would like to find out more about this exciting opportunity to experience a session with Jess please contact her at The Tree of Life Centre. 


You can find out more about Brain Gym and Edu-K at